Our DUETT Kids Furniture is not intended for use in any other way than as bedroom furniture. Incorrect use, playing, climbing or jumping on this furniture may result in damage to the components or injury to the child.




Our DUETT Kids Furniture is shipped flat-pack and requires self-assembly by at least 2 persons

When you are ready to start, make sure you have the right tools at hand, plenty of space and a clean dry area for assembly.

Please unpack your order carefully and check that you are happy with all the components before anything is assembled. In the event that any item has to be returned, it is essential that the original packaging is used and that items are returned in the same condition they were received in. Before assembly, study the instructions carefully and check all the parts and the hardware against the delivery inventory as well as the hardware list at the front of the Assembly instruction booklet.  If any parts are missing, please contact us immediately by sending an email to

Hardware parts are usually packaged inside a zip lock clear plastic bag in its own carton.  Do not discard carton material until you are certain all parts and hardware are present.

The hardware has been separated into smaller bags for easier identification during assembly.

Please assemble your furniture in a carpeted area or lay a blanket on the floor to prevent scratching the unit.

Once assembled, please ensure that all fixings and fittings are in place and kept tightened at all times, loose fittings may result in injury to the child or damage to the furniture

During assembly, please be aware of small parts which small children could swallow.

Do not try to move the furniture once it is fully assembled as structural damage may occur

Be sure to keep all fittings when when you dis-assemble the furniture as the same fittings may not be available at a later stage




  • Never tie anything to the furniture as belts, bags, cords, sashes, scarves or ropes can strangle or hurt a child

  • If replacement parts are needed, please contact DUETT Kids Furniture for a replacement part, do not try to make or source a similar part from a different manufacturer.

  • Mattresses are not supplied by DUETT Kids Furniture, we recommend that you get a Standard Single Bed mattress of approximately 150mm thick for use on our DUETT Beds.  Using a mattress that is either too big or too small for the DUETT Bed could result in injury to the child or damage to the furniture.

  • Check your furniture regularly to make sure the structure is intact and free from signs of wear and tear




Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth. Never use scourer, abrasives or chemical cleaners.

As with all furniture MDF can be damaged by knocks and scrapes. If you dent the surface or break the seal of the lacquer, rub some solid wax into the dent to exclude atmospheric moisture. 

Over time, the paint finish of the furniture will settle and mellow, a process that will enhance the beauty of your furniture as it ages. Exposure to direct sunlight will hasten this process.  As a result new pieces may look a shade different to those you already have. This variation is normal and the colour difference will diminish over a short period of time.  Similarly, areas that have been concealed for some time by a lamp or vase, for example, will also show a variation in colour to the surrounding areas.  To minimize these differences, it is recommended that lamps and other decorative items be moved periodically so that the aging process will be equalized.  Also take care not to subject your furniture to extreme heat like electric fires or heaters etc or steamy rooms.